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Our ʻOhana

Our mission is to provide Kaʻū with a model of sovereign and sustainable wellness through Hawaiian inspired permaculture, homebirth and `āina medicine.


Hawaiian Inspired Permaculture

One hundred years ago the remote Hawaiʻi island district of Ka`ū flourished. The people were strong and healthy. Today our community is a food desert. Agricultural production continues to rely heavily on petrochemicals and poisons. Asthma, obesity, heart disease, cancer and diabetes are prevalent.

Like indigenous peoples around the world, Hawaiians were the original permaculturists. At Palehua Homestead we utilize these traditional agricultural practices as well as contemporary permaculture and organic innovations to grow food and medicine without harmful chemicals.

You can support our mission by purchasing coffee, macadamia nuts, produce and medicinal herbs here.


In Kaʻū there are no obstetricians, pre natal services or birth centers. Women have to drive three hours to get prenatal care and often give birth in their cars on the way to inaccessible birth facilities. Lack of information and inflexible hospital policies lead to high rates of unnecessary cesarian sections.

Families in Kaʻū are looking for better options. We support those who wish to incorporate traditional birth practices or to create a birth experience that suits their individual needs through safe, affordable, midwifery, childbirth education and doula services.

Connect with childbirth care providers and sign up for classes here.

`Āina Medicine

In Hawaiʻi, as around the world, people have historically used medicinal herbs to maintain wellness. Colonization and plantation social structure have led to dependence upon the medical system. Many medical services can only be accessed through air travel to Honolulu, which is costly and inconvenient.

While we are grateful for doctors when their specialized skills are needed, we believe that sovereign and sustainable wellness incorporates the use of traditional herbal remedies to address minor issues before they exacerbate.

Find, prepare and purchase herbal remedies here.