Midwifery care is…

  • Support for your unique needs and beliefs as you navigate the instinctual process of giving birth 

  • Respect for your right to be the ultimate decision maker regarding your body and your baby. 

  • Providing information & answering questions thoroughly.

  • Consistent meetings with your midwife throughout pregnancy to check on baby, build relationships and resolve issues as soon as they arise. 

  • Giving birth in the comfort and privacy of home and having whoever you want with you…and no one you don’t want.

  • Someone who stays by your side through your entire birth, holding space, following your cues and ensuring safety.

  • Freedom from stressful interventions. 

  • Someone who comes to your home after you give birth to check on you and help with whatever you need: physical healing, emotional support, stress management, breastfeeding and more.