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Birth is normal. Birth belongs to women. Birth builds families.



  • Support for your unique needs and beliefs as you navigate the instinctual process of giving birth.

  • Respect for your right to be the ultimate decision maker regarding your body and your baby. 

  • Providing information & answering questions thoroughly.

  • Staying with you through your entire birth, holding space, following your cues and ensuring safety.

  • Freedom from stressful interventions. 


Tara Compehos, Direct Entry Midwife (DEM)

I received my training through the traditional apprenticeship model then went on to earn my Midwifery Arts Degree from an independent midwifery school. I spent 10 years serving childbearing families on Oahu before moving to Ka’ū in 2015. Every year I continue to broaden my midwifery knowledge through workshops and conferences with experts in normal physiological birth. In addition to midwifery skills I offer Lomilomi, herbal remedies, doula services, nutritional councelling and lactation support. Please feel free to contact me with questions or to schedule a meeting.


knowledge is power

Wherever you plan to give birth, itʻs helpful to learn exactly what happens in your body when you have a baby, differentiate fact from myth, and remember that we have control over the factors that determine our birth outcomes. Find out more about safety in childbirth, learn what the options are and get your questions answered. Click here to find a class.


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